The true cause of autism [English]

This article has been written by the famous freelance journalist Jim Stone. This is too important to pass on and thats why I am sharing it with you. Not just linking to the original source but reposting the whole thing to keep the information spreading. Look up his website here or use the IP address here if your provider or country is blocking DNS resolution to his site to censor content like this. Somebody is clearly shitting their pants and don’t want this to be known ! This article has also been translated to German: Click here.

Anything to stall the truth about autism just one day longer:


So a team of Koreans have said it is environmental mercury, all the while they ignore vaccines. FACT: Mercury DOES NOT cause autism. The use of fetal tissue cells for viral cultures in vaccines, and GMO yeast with human genes in vaccines, and intentionally destructive adjuvants are what causes autism. This is super easy to prove: Autism took off in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Before that time, autism rates were 1:20, 000. In the late 80’s and early 90’s it suddenly jumped by 100X to 1:200. And it has only gotten worse since then. Since thimerosal was a vaccine ingredient for decades prior to the explosion in autism rates, it cannot be what triggered the sudden increase. It was probably not a good thing to put in vaccines, but it is also impossible for it to be what is causing autism when it’s use remained constant while autism rates exploded.

I am getting sick and tired of all the elitist trolls spawning fake story after fake story to divert people away from the truth about what is causing autism. They have gone bonkers lately, so let me line item a couple things:

1. If parents are noticing their kids going permanently bonky after vaccines, IT IS NOT GLYPHOSATE DOING IT.

2. If vaccines have had thimerosal for decades before autism became an issue, IT IS NOT THIMEROSAL DOING IT.

3. If people in the past filled their mouths up with mercury fillings and virtually no one had autism, IT IS NOT ENVIRONMENTAL MERCURY DOING IT.

4. If the human genome self corrects when races get mixed (it does, that is a fact) IT IS NOT GENETIC DEGRADATION DOING IT because race mixing has become common,
while autism exploded.

5. If the ONE THING that changed, that is universal to practically everyone is the sudden production of vaccines grown in tissues derived from aborted babies, and that coincides with an explosion in autism rates, THAT IS PROBABLY IT. Anyone with a lick of sense in medicine knows that you can’t inject human tissue into someone while that tissue is in the presense of a pathogen, because the immune system will often be tricked into thinking that human tissue itself is the enemy, and it will then attack the body. This is why there has been such a sudden explosion in auto immune disorders, with autism being at the forefront.

Autism is an auto immune disorder that has been triggered against the brain. It can also be caused by triggering auto immune disorders against the oils and proteins the brain needs to function, so it becomes starved. This would fully explain why coconut oil can alleviate symptoms of autism, and would fully explain why the elite have once again turned against coconut oil – autism is a weapon, and they don’t want people donning bullet proof vests. They’ll have to produce an entirely new line of vaccines designed to wipe out coconut oil if it is indeed a substitute for other oils the brain needs to function, that the current vaccines are designed to wipe out.

Anyway, I was not prepared to go into detail on the topic right now, but those are the basics that everyone should know. Indeed, the elite are doing everything they can to point the finger away from how their vaccines are really accomplishing the job of destroying the children. All they need to do is buy a little more time afforded by deception induced ignorance in the masses – keep people digging the wrong corner of the yard a day longer, – and they will win because they have done so much damage already it won’t take much more to cause an unrecoverable situation.

Autism is in fact caused by:

1. Human tissue in the vaccines

2. intentionally sabotaged vaccine adjuvants.

No one with three functioning brain cells can possibly deny it is the vaccines doing it, so the real place to look is what is it with the vaccines that changed? That is the ONLY place anyone is going to find an answer.




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